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Drawing on its experience in the world of biscuits, the Destrée bakery offers you a variety of ways to enjoy its range.

  • We can use our standard range and deliver them directly to you wrapped in your box with your name.
  • You can personalize your biscuits by directly printing your company’s logo on the biscuit for the flow pack for example. (We will deliver you the finished packaged product).
  • •Do you wish to create a range of all original butter biscuits to expand your range? Let us support you in this project and become your supplier of biscuits.

Feel free to contact us for any projects; we would be very pleased to develop your range of biscuits with you.

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Biscuiterie Destrée SPRL
Zi route de la voie cuivrée 26
5503 Sorinnes, Belgium
Tél: +32 (0) 495 22 59 16

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