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Stephen Destrée - biscuitier

Destrée Stephen, is a “pâtissier”, he launched his company in 2008. His goal was to bring up the Belgian biscuit standards at his highest level. With quality ingredients and recipes from big chefs recognised worldwide and his own touch, he will make you fantastic biscuits.

After his trainee with the most famous schools in Belgium, Stephen continues to gain skill with the best schools in France. Then decided to let his passion took over and he launched his company.

Each biscuit is different; it can be crunchy or not, with almond or two chocolates, for sure every amateur will find his pleasure.

The « Biscuiterie Destrée » can also be made to customs; tea biscuits for fine tea houses, salted biscuits, always with the same quality ingredients. Our master word is quality at all stages with the goal to have only the best biscuits.

This philosophy allowed Stephen Destrée to win first price at the "La Vitrine de l’artisan 2010"... well deserved.

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